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AWS Announces Amazon HealthLake

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced Amazon HealthLake, a HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare and life sciences organizations. Amazon HealthLake aggregates an organization’s complete data across various silos and disparate formats into a centralized AWS data lake and automatically normalizes this information using machine learning. The service identifies each piece of clinical information, tags, and indexes events in a timeline view with standardized labels so it can be easily searched, and structures all of the data into the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) industry standard format for a complete view of the health of individual patients and entire populations. As a result, Amazon HealthLake makes it easier for customers to query, perform analytics, and run machine learning to derive meaningful value from the newly normalized data. Organizations such as healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, health insurers, and more can use Amazon HealthLake to help spot trends and anomalies in health data so they can make much more precise predictions about the progression of disease, the efficacy of clinical trials, the accuracy of insurance premiums, and many other applications. To learn more about Amazon HealthLake, visit:

AWS Announces Nine New Amazon SageMaker Capabilities

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced nine new capabilities for its industry-leading machine learning service, Amazon SageMaker, making it even easier for developers to automate and scale all steps of the end-to-end machine learning workflow. Today’s announcements bring together powerful new capabilities like faster data preparation, a purpose-built repository for prepared data, workflow automation, greater transparency into training data to mitigate bias and explain predictions, distributed training capabilities to train large models up to two times faster, and model monitoring on edge devices.

The BMW Group and AWS Team Up to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Automotive Industry

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the BMW Group announced a comprehensive strategic collaboration to further accelerate the automaker’s pace of innovation by placing data and analytics at the center of its decision-making. The companies will combine their strengths as industry leaders to jointly develop cloud-enabled solutions that increase efficiency, performance, and sustainability across every aspect of the automotive life cycle, from vehicle design to after-sales services. As part of the wide-ranging collaboration, the BMW Group will migrate data from across its business units and operations in over a hundred countries to AWS. The move will encompass a number of the BMW Group’s core IT systems and databases for functions such as sales, manufacturing, and maintenance, and will help them increase agility, achieve new insights, and more quickly innovate new customer experiences. In addition, the companies will invest in enabling and training up to 5,000 BMW Group-affiliated software engineers in the latest AWS technologies and empower the company’s global workforce to make better use of data.

AWS and ViacomCBS Expand Strategic Agreement to Transform Content Creation and Delivery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ViacomCBS announced an agreement that makes AWS the preferred cloud provider for ViacomCBS’s global broadcast media operations. As part of the strategic agreement, ViacomCBS will migrate operations for its entire broadcast footprint, which spans 425 linear television channels and 40 global data and media centers, to the world’s leading cloud – one of the first such large-scale transformations in the media and entertainment industry. The migration will enable ViacomCBS to drive greater efficiencies and cost savings, simplify access to content for its licensing partners, and reliably deliver new viewing experiences to consumers by broadcasting and streaming content on any device.

Thomson Reuters Taps AWS to Power Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Thomson Reuters, a leading global provider of business information services, has successfully completed a large scale migration to AWS – a critical part of their digital transformation strategy – which will enable the company to innovate faster, develop and act on new insights, and become a more agile business in the cloud. As part of its ongoing move to the cloud, Thomson Reuters migrated thousands of servers and hundreds of revenue-generating applications to AWS. Expanding its longstanding relationship with AWS, Thomson Reuters is also leveraging AWS’s unparalleled portfolio of cloud services including analytics, database, containers, serverless, storage, machine learning, and security to innovate new digital products for its customers and reveal greater insights into the industries it covers.

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