Yamaha UC and Mersive Technologies Introduce BYOM Room System for Seamless Conferencing

Yamaha's ADECIA Ceiling Solution Integrates With Mersive's Solstice Collaboration Platform

| Yamaha UC | 3 min | ENG | 22 juni 2021 17:19
Afbeelding: Yamaha UC is pairing its ADECIA with Mersive Technologies' Solstice Conference to create an easy-to-use, touchless, BYOM room solution | Copyright: Yamaha UC
Yamaha Unified Communications is enhancing meeting collaboration and hybrid learning with a touchless, easy-to-use Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) room solution that pairs Yamaha's ADECIA Ceiling Microphone and Speaker Solution and Yamaha UC Strategic Partner Mersive Technologies' Solstice wireless collaboration system. When enabled with Solstice Conference, Solstice enhances meeting collaboration by adding rich content sharing along with agnostic room support for any PC-based video conferencing application. Together, this solution delivers a new class of video conferencing room system that results in more collaborative meeting and learning experiences between onsite and remote participants.

"Today's remote workforce and classrooms are placing an increased emphasis on uncompromised audio quality and flexible, intuitive content sharing and collaboration," said Michelle Baeza, Director of Strategic Partnerships. "When we announced our partnership with Mersive earlier this year, we did so with the common goal of providing customers with stress-free meeting experiences, starting with our YVC series of conference phones. Now, with integration between ADECIA and Solstice Conference, customers can effortlessly build out touchless meeting rooms and learning spaces that produce absolute clarity of communication and ideas."

Yamaha's ADECIA ceiling solution is an innovative family of communication products designed to work seamlessly together to provide a complete and customizable audio solution for any meeting or learning space. It includes the brand-new multi-beamforming RM-CG ceiling microphone and RM-CR audio processor, as well as Yamaha's long-trusted PoE switches and VXL Series line array speakers. Yamaha's ADECIA Ceiling solution clearly picks up several people speaking at the same time and ensures that voices, not noises, are captured in enclosed or open conference spaces of varying sizes. Its multi-beam and audio postprocessing technology creates virtual personal microphones that follow speakers moving around the meeting area. The narrow beams and audio postprocessing focus on voices rather than sounds for incredible clarity.

The complete solution immediately detects all components of the system and configures them to be optimized for the room environment, accounting for the location of speakers and microphones, reverberation, and echo behavior. Setting up a room is done through the system's configurator in four effortless steps. With USB, Bluetooth®, Dante, and analog connections, this flexible system can fit a variety of meeting spaces.

Mersive Solstice is a software-based, cloud-enabled team space collaboration platform optimized for both onsite and remote participants. Multiple participants can share, control, and markup content from any device. It features agnostic room support for all major conferencing services with touchless, one-step start from the meeting host's laptop. It seamlessly and wirelessly integrates Yamaha ADECIA audio solutions into a video conference. In addition, it is built with enterprise-grade security and is fully IT compliant. Its cloud-based deployment management, monitoring, and workplace analytics ensures simple, fast setup and hassle-free management and monitoring.

"With the rise of the hybrid workplace and hybrid learning, Bring Your Own Meeting room solutions that enable participants to more easily connect, conference, and collaborate will continue to grow in demand across business and education spaces," said Robert Balgley, CEO of Mersive. "Solstice Conference's category-defining agnostic conferencing support and content sharing capabilities combined with Yamaha's superior YVC series or ADECIA audio systems provide the ultimate solution in user choice and flexibility, delivering our customers and partners unparalleled collaboration for every type of meeting and learning space."

Mersive and Yamaha room solutions are available globally through AV/IT technology dealers and integrators.

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