VI-grade Announces Installation of DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator at CEVT

Installation will accelerate Research & Development activities at Sweden-based innovation center for future mobility of the Geely Holding Group

| VI-Grade | 3 min | ENG | 29 juni 2021 11:37
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VI-grade, a leading provider of best-in-class driving simulation solutions, today announced the completion of the installation and commissioning of the DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator at CEVT, Geely Holding Group’s Sweden-based innovation center for future mobility solutions. The driving simulator has been installed at Geely’s recently expanded campus in Gothenburg, Uni3 by Geely, significantly enhancing on-site research and development capabilities.

CEVT selected the complete turn-key solution from VI-grade, with the DiM250 simulator serving as the foundation combined with the VI-DriveSim software suite and the complete active technology offering (belts, seat, brake and shakers). This allows driving dynamics and active safety systems to be experienced in an even more realistic environment right from the start of the development process. The driving simulator will be used primarily for Vehicle Dynamics, Ride & Comfort as well as ADAS applications in the development of new vehicles, with particular reference to the development of future mobility solutions.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation from the old ways of the car to the new future of mobility, where the experience of the customer is at heart and where we provide a service that is highly valuable. At CEVT, we have the vision and ambition as well as the experience to do this and with the simulator we have enhanced our skillset to further drive this change”, said Mats Fägerhag CEO at CEVT.

“We have now had our first-hand experience of operating and using a full scale, advanced driving simulator and we are impressed with the capabilities that the DiM250 gives. Not only can we quickly test a lot of ideas that would be expensive, time consuming or too complex to perform in real life but we’re also noticing how well the simulator pushes the collaboration and aspirations of the different teams across CEVT. We are shaping the way of mobility going forwards and the simulator is a crucial tool for that purpose, creating value for our customers in the end”, said Albin Gröndahl, CAE Engineer and Project Manager for the Driving Simulator at CEVT.

“We are very happy to announce the completed installation and commissioning of our DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator at CEVT” said Guido Bairati, VP Global Sales and Marketing, VI-grade. “The DiM250 represents a significant expansion of CEVT's capacity to develop mobility solutions and it is, after the one at Volvo, the second DiM simulator installed in the Gothenburg area belonging to the Geely group. Driving Simulators are becoming an important development tool that increase collaboration between OEMs and suppliers, while decreasing physical testing and furthering innovation.”

To reproduce vehicle movements and accelerations, the DiM solution takes a different path to driving simulation based on a patented revolutionary design with nine actuators. The resulting configuration with its 9 degrees of freedom enables it to go beyond the basic six-actuator design of a hexapod or similar, thus providing a larger workspace while maintaining a high stiffness and low latency. This leads to a system suitable for low as well as high frequencies, both of which occur in automotive chassis design. For this reason, DiM enables both vehicle dynamics investigation and ride and comfort on the same driving simulator.

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