Infovista shifts Ipanema SD-WAN to a fully cloud-native platform

Flexible consumption-based licensing model of Ipanema SD-WAN aligns with the dynamic requirements of businesses as well as channel partners

| Infovista | 3 min | ENG | 8 juli 2021 12:55
Afbeelding: Kristian Thyregode, President Ipanema bij Infovista | Copyright: Infovista
Infovista today announced the launch of its next generation Ipanema SD-WAN platform, designed to deliver different workloads and applications faster and more securely across conventional Wide Area Networks and multiple cloud service providers.

The Ipanema SD-WAN platform delivers the truly software-defined benefits of allowing critical applications to dynamically adapt to the real-time conditions of the network while prioritizing the prevailing business imperatives. It provides the robust foundation for any managed network service, leveraging high levels of automation established between multiple cloud instances and multi-cloud on-ramp features.

Strategic partnerships to deliver high security and low latency

Ipanema SD-WAN’s transformative capabilities are delivered through strategic partnerships with Check Point, a global leader in cyber security serving 100,000 organizations of all sizes across 88 countries, and Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company™ – a leading colocation and interconnection provider with over 220 data centers across five continents.

Key integrations with Equinix and Check Point form an innovative full cloud-native SD-WAN platform licensed through a consumption-based model, enhancing business agility and time-to-market requirements. The complete platform encompasses Equinix Fabric™, a cutting-edge software-defined interconnection solution that fuels ‘CloudMesh’ functionality, focused on delivering automated low-latency full-mesh and multi-cloud connectivity. The Ipanema SD-WAN platform also comprises Check Point Harmony Connect, a leading cloud-based Networking Security system which lays the foundation for ‘EdgeSentry’ capabilities.

“Our next generation SD-WAN platform is a definitive cloud-first enabler. This is more than a ‘feature release’ because with this launch, we shift SD-WAN to a truly on-demand service that can be deployed, consumed, and scaled like any other cloud service,” explains Kristian Thyregod, President of Ipanema, Infovista. “Throughout 2020 companies and organizations had to rethink their networks to be able to secure acceptable levels of business continuity. At Infovista, we carefully observed the shifts in requirements triggered by the pandemic. Obviously, the need for continuous flexibility, agility and security rose to the top of the list when connecting people, applications, services, and locations in sometimes entirely different ways than business as usual. Our SD-WAN platform fully supports these requirements and the strategies of companies both in terms of leveraging cloud-based technologies first and consuming advanced SD-WAN capabilities ‘as-a-service’”.

Ultra-flexibility for businesses and for partners expanding through managed services

As channel partners continuously seek to meet the dynamic demands from their customers, and potentially diversify their service catalogues in the process, the Ipanema SD-WAN platform offers a pre-integrated stack to deliver advanced software-defined networking and security capabilities, that can help reduce complex and expensive rip-and-replace projects otherwise warranted when transforming Wide Area Networks to meet critical business demands. These capabilities simplify the operational and commercial processes for Infovista’s channel partners while also offering flexible procurement options to their customers aligned with Capex/Opex expectations.

“Organizations gain comprehensive SD-WAN benefits via a consumption-based licensing model, while the Ipanema SD-WAN platform updates automatically adding features, which continuously improve resilience and security without requiring multi-vendor reconfiguration projects,” adds Thyregod.

The strategic partnerships with both Equinix and Check Point allow Infovista’s channel partners to move IP network traffic dynamically into an advanced, cloud-based edge security platform. This platform offers a low-latency cloud-based mesh, which enables pulling sites and multi-cloud destinations together on-demand that can also carry-out advanced security and software defined network routing functions.

“We are creating a single stack to enable our channel partners to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-build, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate service using a single platform, with a single management interface and a single bill that includes a full suite of security solutions and multi-cloud connectivity. All built-in from day one,” explains Thyregod.

Kristian Thyregod concludes, “The next generation Ipanema SD-WAN platform brings an intelligent and reliable path to the extended edge as a cloud-native solution offering advanced flexibility, agility and security while guaranteeing application performance. And all of that with consumption-based cost control. We are looking at this as a key milestone for our trusted ecosystem of partners serving both large enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations.”

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