VI-grade Extends its Product Line to Include Upgradeable and Configurable Driving Simulator Solutions

Extension Preserves Customers’ Investments with Flexibility to Add Future Capabilities as Needed

| VI-Grade | 3 min | ENG | 14 juli 2021 20:33
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VI-grade, the simulation and driving simulator company that accelerates product innovation by bridging the gap between simulation and physical testing, today announced driving simulator product line extensions that allow customers to flexibly configure and upgrade their simulators over time.

Previously, customers needed to decide up-front exactly what capabilities and performance they expected to need in their driving simulator and budget accordingly. Now, VI-grade is introducing the ability to start with a full cockpit static simulator and upgrade as needed. To facilitate upgrades, the Company has introduced a hexapod-only motion platform, the DiM50, that is fully consistent with the upper stage of the existing DiM150 and DiM250 simulators.

The DiM50 simulator is an entry-level dynamic simulation solution for those needing to perform ride and ADAS simulation, as well as basic handling maneuvers and provides a higher degree of realism with respect to a STATIC Simulator at an attractive price point. Sharing the same industry-leading hexapod architecture already featured in VI-grade’s popular DYNAMIC Driving Simulator models DiM150 and DiM250, the DiM50 represents a natural evolution of VI-grade’s STATIC Simulator technology and can be further upgraded to a 9 degrees of freedom DiM150 or DiM250 model through the addition of a baseframe and three planar motion actuators. DiM50 features a wide array of automotive applications ranging from ride & comfort, basic vehicle dynamics and control system design, up to HMI/ADAS applications and driver training in motorsports.

DiM50 joins the extensive line fully scalable, configurable, and upgradeable driving simulators from VI-grade, which span from desk-size simulators up to full-scale dynamic simulators. As with all VI-grade driving simulators, the DiM50 incorporates a wide array of features, including:
  • VI-grade’s software stack
  • proven motion platform
  • active components (seats, belts, brakes, …)
  • hard-real-time computing platform
  • customizable cockpits
  • HiL-ready architecture
The DiM50 also provides unparalleled flexibility by supporting 3rd party software components through VI-grade’s open environment in line with the VI-Certified program.

“We are very excited to address an unmet market need with a new driving simulator that further expands our existing product line” said Diego Minen, Chief Technology Officer, VI-grade. “DiM50 leverages the same, proven hexapod technology already featured in our widely used DiM150 and DiM250 and lets users perform ride analysis, ADAS testing and vehicle dynamics simulation with greater and enhanced realism compared to a STATIC Simulator.”

“Today’s DiM50 announcement offers our clients and the market an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a dynamic simulator with a superior degree of realism combined with a low price point. But what makes the DiM50 stand out is that it enables to preserve its investment by providing a potential upgrade path to DiM150 and DiM250.” added Guido Bairati, VP Sales and Marketing, VI-grade. “We believe that DiM50 presents the ideal solution in terms of compromise between performance and investment which lends itself well to universities, research centers, suppliers and motorsport teams as well as automotive OEMs that already invested in bigger simulators.”

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