Medidata’s Customer-Focused Marketing Recognized as Program of the Year Winner at Forrester’s B2B Summit

By adopting the Forrester framework, Medidata is creating campaigns and messaging that are focused on our customers

| Medidata | 2 min | ENG | 4 mei 2022 9:57
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Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, announced today that it has won Forrester’s Program of the Year Award for successfully implementing Forrester’s research, frameworks, and best practices to change its approach to market planning, including audience-centric campaigns. Program of the Year (PoY) Award winners are being recognized at the B2B Summit North America, being held in Austin, Texas, and digitally, May 2–4, 2022.

“By adopting the Forrester framework, Medidata is creating campaigns and messaging that are focused on our customers, delivering solutions for their challenges and demonstrating value at every step. We implemented Forrester’s four marketing levers in our campaign architecture, as a means to create objectives and strategies and measure success across reputation, demand, engagement, and enablement,” said Wendy Lurrie, senior vice president, Global Marketing for Medidata. “I am honored to be speaking at the B2B Summit to share our successes as one of the first life science companies to earn this distinction.”

The Program of the Year Award recognizes Medidata’s work to adopt Forrester’s Buyer Audience Framework, identifying Medidata’s priority segments and personas that drive the business, creating a go-to-market campaign framework. The company also was recognized for its work in leveraging Forrester’s Four Marketing Levers across a variety of marketing initiatives, including measurable marketing campaigns that bring value to customers.

“We are excited to honor this year’s Program of the Year winners,” said Monica Behncke, vice president and group research director at Forrester. “Each organization has implemented Forrester’s research and frameworks to improve performance in their respective discipline.”

A trusted destination and community for more than a decade, B2B Summit North America is the premier event for B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders to align their growth strategies with the latest research, models, and frameworks — all designed with B2B organizations’ priorities in mind. Event attendees include B2B leaders, top analysts, inspirational thinkers, and innovative technology providers who come together to better understand the latest B2B buying trends, ever-changing buyer needs, and best practices across sales, marketing, and product management in order to achieve optimal performance.

Medidata is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, which with its 3DEXPERIENCE platform is positioned to lead the digital transformation of life sciences in the age of personalized medicine with the first end-to-end scientific and business platform, from research to commercialization.

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Medidata is een volledige dochteronderneming van Dassault Systèmes. Met het 3DEXPERIENCE-platform is Dassault Systèmes uitstekend gepositioneerd om de digitale transformatie van de life sciences vorm te geven. Daarmee biedt het bedrijf de life sciences-sector ongekende mogelijkheden om te komen tot gepersonaliseerde geneeskunde waarbij ze met het 3DEXPERIENCE-platform een end-to-end wetenschappelijke en zakelijke platform biedt, van onderzoek tot commercialisering. 
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