TigerGraph Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge Finalists Push the Boundaries of Graph and AI Technology

World-Renowned Judging Committee Reviews Nearly 150 Graph + AI Submissions

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TigerGraph, provider of a leading graph analytics platform, today revealed the Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge finalists — a group of innovative projects that offer transformational ways to address social, economic, health, and climate-related issues that affect us all. The challenge, launched in February, is a global search for innovative ways to harness the power of graph technology with machine learning and AI to solve real-world problems. The competition attracted more than 1,500 registrations from 100+ countries.

“We issued a challenge to the world’s most brilliant minds — and the call was answered,” said Dr. Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. “TigerGraph has always recognized graph’s potential to change the world, and we put our claim to the test by creating the Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge. The overall participation as well as the quality of submitted projects totally exceeded our expectations. There’s no denying that graph is the technology of the future — and these projects underscore graph’s ability to literally change the world.”

The Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge judging committee is comprised of the world’s brightest and most recognizable names in graph - and includes 12 PhDs, three academics from top universities, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, a marine geoscientist, a 2x Kaggle Grand Master, and more. After an extensive review of nearly 150 qualified submissions, judges narrowed it down to the most innovative and world-changing solutions. Participants represent a wide range of backgrounds including data scientists, all types of developers, product managers, designers, data engineers, machine learning engineers, and students.

Graph for Change: A Closer Look at the Finalists

From tracking climate change and providing humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees to detecting organized crime and helping avert economic crises, the finalist submissions tackle a wide range of real-world issues faced today. A few standout submissions include:
  • TigerGraph for United Nations (UN) Data - Connect the unconnected! Source, clean and load UN data for the environment, the economy, health, refugees, crops, and more into a single graph and make it available for anyone to use.
  • UAWelcome - In response to the war in Ukraine, a graph-based crowdsourcing platform connecting refugees with those who can help, optimizing limited and scattered resources. Designed to be simple to use and maintain for rapidly changing workflows.
  • Fact-Checker: Fighting Misinformation at Scale - Misinformation is everywhere, in social media, websites, and even face-to-face. It’s hard to know what to believe, and even harder to figure out what’s true. This solution is a multi-platform, multi-lingual, real-time fact-checking system powered by machine learning and graph technology.
  • ShockNet - Prevent crises by predicting the transfer of shocks through the world economy. Users can adjust assumptions, investigate the predicted chains of shocks, and identify ways to avoid economic crisis.
  • Finding Drug Interactions in Silico with Graph - Drug-drug side-effects are rarely tested directly in the pharmaceutical development process. This system can generate in silico indications of drug-drug interactions using graph machine learning.
  • Anti-Mafia Analytics Platform - Organized crime negatively impacts society from issues such as drug trafficking to corruption to murder. Tackling these issues relies on understanding the complex interconnected web of crime incidents, criminals, and financial activity. This project seeks to provide an analytics platform that can detect "moles" within the police force and spot fraud transactions.
“Graph technologies are new to many organizations. Learning ways that graph can be used to solve complex problems and improve results creates the foundation for knowing how to use graph in your organization. So many important answers lie in connected data,” said Dan McCreary, Distinguished Engineer - AI at Optum and Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge judge. “What I love about the Million Dollar Challenge is the incredible diversity and creativity of the projects we are seeing. With this Challenge, the world is opening up their eyes to graph — and I believe that several new business plans are now being written because of the work done in these projects.”

Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge Winners to be Announced at Graph + AI Summit, May 24-26

The 15 winners and recipients of the $1 million in prizes will be announced and showcased at Graph + AI Summit, the industry’s only open conference focused on accelerating analytics, AI, and machine learning with graph algorithms. The virtual event, taking place May 24-26, will include speakers from the world’s most innovative organizations and feature keynotes from industry visionaries as well as breakout sessions, use cases, and panels led by data, analytics, and AI professionals.

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