IHSE USA Brings Latest KVM Innovations to InfoComm 2022

Highlights to Include Draco MultiView 4K60, Draco tera IP Gateway, and Draco DPS 4x1 KVM Desktop Series Switches

| IHSE | 3 min | ENG | 27 mei 2022 12:06
Afbeelding: The IHSE USA Draco MultiView 4K60 Processor | Copyright: IHSE
IHSE USA today announced that it will be showcasing its latest KVM solutions in Booth N2548 at InfoComm 2022, June 8-10 in Las Vegas. To meet the demand for high-resolution video in command and control (C2), government, eSports, and commercial deployments, the company will highlight its Draco MultiView 4K60 processor, Draco tera IP Gateway, and Draco DPS 4x1 KVM desktop series switches.

"The demand for instant and remote access to hundreds of high-res sources and output devices has completely changed the game for integrators and organizations," said Dan Holland, marketing manager at IHSE USA. "At InfoComm 2022, attendees will see how our latest Draco KVM solutions check all the boxes for security, reliability, efficiency, performance, quality, and latency. We'll step you through everything these feature-packed KVM switches can do to streamline the operational workflows in a command center, eSports arena, house of worship, or a range of other applications."

The Draco MultiView 4K60 enables the simultaneous operation of four computers displayed on a single display, with full access from a single keyboard and mouse. Offering four inputs and two outputs, the 1-RU solution is capable of handling four ultra-high-resolution video displays up to 4K/UHD at a 60Hz frame rate; users simply move the mouse from one display region to another. With programmable keyboard commands, real-time switching between video sources is also possible. By default, the system's individual screens can be arranged freely and displayed in different modes: full-screen, quad-screen, picture-in-picture, preview, 2+2, and free mode. Presets allow for instant switching between layouts. External control options are available via API or the GPIO interface.

The Draco tera IP Gateway provides IHSE KVM users with the ability to bridge multiple KVM matrixes over existing IP networks within buildings, across campuses, and between remote corporate offices. It combines the high levels of security and performance of the Draco tera KVM system with the flexibility and ease of connectivity inherent in IP-based communication. Therefore, it allows users to access remote computers and interact in real time with minimal latency and no visible artifacts, with the full confidence of a highly secure KVM system. In addition, Secure Core technology prevents direct access to the data within the KVM system from the IP network. This maintains the integrity of the KVM system and is consistent with a countermeasure against potential cyberattacks, allowing secure, IP-routable site networking of KVM matrix systems without compromising operational flexibility, security, or maintainability. It currently supports up to eight bidirectional grid lines for bidirectional KVM operation with video resolutions of up to 4K30 with a view that will be expanded to 4K60 soon.

The Draco DPS 4x1 KVM desktop series switches offer a wide range of features that makes this one of the most flexible 4X1 KVM switches ever. The DPS 4x1 is purposely designed to allow quick customization to support multiple displays. They can be customized to support single-head, dual-head, triple-head, or quad-head computer systems. Starting with a base DisplayPort four-input, single-head package, up to 4K60 can be supported. The DPS 4x1 base unit is a standard two-slot desktop chassis with support for USB-HID, USB 2.0, and optional audio connections for up to four computers to a single DisplayPort monitor. When more displays are added, users simply expand the switch with the 4X1 video expansion card using IHSE's standard six-slot chassis. All DPS 4x1 cards fit in any IHSE frame type and integrate with any IHSE KVM systems.

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IHSE produceert veilige KVM-uitbreidings- en switchproducten (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) die een lange afstandsscheiding tussen computers en de werkruimte van een operator ondersteunen. IHSE systemen bieden kant-en-klare connectiviteit met verspreide besturingssystemen op de desktop van één gebruiker zonder hardware toe te voegen, te verplaatsen of te wijzigen. Systemen implementeren in uren (geen dagen) en verbinden elke standaard open standaard video-interface zonder vervorming of verlies van signaalkwaliteit. KVM-systeemconnectiviteit is volledig onopvallend voor netwerken en werkt zonder software-installaties en zonder rekening te houden met pc-besturingssystemen. KVM voegt een extra laag computerbescherming toe tegen ongeautoriseerde fysieke toegang via het netwerk en vermindert de kwetsbaarheid van organisaties voor malware, gestolen gegevens of cyberaanvallen.
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